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SERVPRO of South Arlington Serving the Youth!

SERVPRO South Arlington Serving the Youth! 

SERVPRO of South Arlington is dedicated to serving the youth and all ages of our community! 

We understand that the members of our great community desire a safe place to play any and all recreational activities.

That is why SERVPRO is a proud sponsor of Mansfield's very own FieldhouseUSA!

FieldhouseUSA is a multi-purpose indoor facility that offers a variety of sporting activities, such as performance training, sports camps, baseball/softball, cheerleading, club volleyball, dodgeball, skills training, taekwondo and more! Where everyone has a place to play! 

For more information on our FieldhouseUSA sponsorship visit their website at:

SERVPRO of South Arlington is committed to maintaining the beauty & cleanliness of our Texas cities!

Adopt A Street

At SERVPRO of South Arlington we are committed to the pride and excellence of our Texas communities!

That's why we we have chosen to keep our city beautiful with the Adopt A Street program!  

It is SERVPRO of South Arlington's goal to keep our community beautiful for future generations to enjoy!

At SERVPRO of South Arlington we want our children to enjoy the beautiful city of Mansfield as much as we have! 

So, we have chosen to maintain our Texas streets for all to enjoy! We constantly monitor this street to be sure it is free of litter and debris.

Keep your city beautiful! 

Property Managers Worst Nightmare

Property managers are faced with the task of not only finding tenants but ensuring that these tenants are not destroying their customers assets.

In this case we received a call from a property manager that one of her properties had a fire and they needed us onsite ASAP. SERVPRO of South Arlington arrived onsite within the hour to find that the condo had a fire and it was due to illegal substances being made that then caught on fire. The property manager could not believe what had taken place and was needing our help in getting the property cleaned as promptly as possible so that she could arrange a contractor to perform the repairs.  She was very pleased with our promptness and with the way we were able to coordinate with her and the owners of the property.

No job is too big nor too small for us to handle!

Our local recreation center was in need of a company to come into their restrooms and provide a general cleaning to the walls, floors, partitions, toilets, and sinks. Our franchise was called to provide these services. The restrooms had not been deep cleaned in a while and we were more than happy to assist with the cleaning.  

Commercial Fire

Unfortunately a local business had a fire occur at it's loading dock causing a widespread water damage throughout their entire building. We were onsite within 30 minutes and were able to respond in a prompt matter to prevent the company's inventory to be damaged. Because majority of the fire occurred on the trucks outside the warehouse there was not much soot in the facility but there was plenty of water damage. Our technicians placed air movers, air scrubbers, hydroxyls, and dehumidifiers to dry out the structure.

Commercial Fire

We were called onsite to assist with a fire that occurred in the schools basement. Our franchise was able to restore the basement to preloss conditions and we were able to do it all before the school year began. Our customers were very please with the promptness and professionalism that our technicians provided.